hi, I’m eva monleón.

I make dolls, craft tutorials and teach how to enjoy embroidering… but most of all, I dream, cook, bake and dance in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

I started blogging and selling my handmade artworks on Etsy in 2008, and it’s been an amazing time making things for lovely people that supported my work. I’ll be always grateful for all the orders and the nice reviews left by those happy customers.


Inspired by… Nature, pop culture, tales, and magic creatures. Naïve art, the Muppets, Calder’s Circus, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh!

Books, books, books… My love for books is huge. I did a book, to learn how to embroider, and I dream to make more. Sharing my favorite book findings is one of my passions.



Doll making involves a little of everything: drawing, stitching, crocheting, knitting, ceramics and… lots of magic. I take special care on packaging too, and it’s really exciting for me to illustrate and design their magical world.
I spent most of the time playing with fabrics and putting colors together. Guessing how those dolls, that grow in mind, would look if they were real.
My home studio is my playroom, a
chaotic and lovely messiness filled up with little treasures: you’ll find old children books, scraps of fabric, yarns, and unfinished projects calling to be made.


Slow making
Love needleworking on my flowery balcony with a cup of tea. When the weather is nice I use to take my old sewing case to the park by my house for a quiet stitching time in the shadow of a big green tree, enjoying a good view of the city and the sea.

Are your little hands needing desperately being busy too? Then, you are invited to browse among my Free Craft Tutorials and DIY for children, and for grownups too.
You cLoose yourself and have some fun crafting! Try to stitch any of my Downloadable Free Embroidery Patterns, or join me on any of my embroidery courses.We’ll enjoy a great time together.



Make yourself heard!
Any other thing to ask me about? Any suggestion about new pieces?
Or dolls that you would like to find in my shop?
And what about a lovely custom order for a very special person?
Tell me, please! I’ll love to read your ideas.

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