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Meet my One-of-a-kind Blue Candle Doll with floral blue cream hand-molded Ceramic Chamberstick.
This candle girl will be an original gift for a loved one, or to keep for yourself! Makes a lovely home decoration, I love how she looks by my books, on the bedside table… or at the apartment entrance. She brights my day!

She’s a candle,
a fighter against the darkness,
a lightkeeper.
She smiles, looking up to the flame
clutched between her hands.
Light of my life, fire of my loins.

Why Candle Dolls? And what about adding ceramics to ragdolls?
Because I do really love chambersticks and candles! I use to light my home with tiny candles. A hot cup of tea, a blanket, and a good reading make me feel cozy in autumn and wintery nights.

I created a small collection of ceramic chambersticks on the ceramic course I was attending and I thought it would be fun to make some candle dolls that match with them. I feel that cold and glazed ceramic needs something cozy and soft as stuffed fabric to counterbalance, as bone and flesh or a sprouted twig.

Candle Girl #3
This cute art doll is part of a very Limited Collection of Mixed Media Dolls that I just start creating with ceramics.
Signed at the back and dated.
She is approx. 6.9″ high by 2.4″ wide (17,5 cm x 6 cm)

She was handmade using blue dotted cotton fabric for the top and vintage floral cotton for the long skirt. She’s stuffed with polyfill. Arms and face are from a pale cream cotton fabric. She has her hair gathered ant the back with a green felted bow. Her hair is in a coral pink mohair yarn, so smooth and brighten than it looks to have her hair on fire. She has two felted hands that hold a red flame-shaped felt.
I embroidered her face carefully, stitched a sheepish smile and two big brown eyes. Picked orange felted circles for her chubby cheeks that brighten her face.
There’s a small velcro piece at the bottom of her body that sticks inside the capital of the chamberstick.

Ceramic Chamberstick
Approx. 4.1″ long, 2.5″ wide by 1.9″ high (10,5 cm de largo x 6,5 cm de ancho x 5 cm de alto)
Chambertstick was shaped and molded roughly by hand from white pottery clay, I left it dry and polish. Then I painted it with a mint blue engobe and decored it painting dark blue flowers. After firing I applied a glossy glaze. It needed a second fire to be finished and ready to hold this lovely candle doll.
I glued a small piece of velcro inside the capital to stick the doll in.
Note that this ceramic piece is shaped in a very naive style, unique and full of imperfections.

♥ Packaging
She comes inside a sturdy cardboard box and packed in bubble wrap and colored tissue papers. I also designed and illustrated a cute vintage styled card to be ready for gift giving.

Aditional info / Delivery / Shipping

★ My candle dolls are stuffed toys and ceramics for grownups.
For decorative use only.
They come from a smoke-free and pet-free household.

★ Clean with cold water by gentle hand washing.

★ If you plan to purchase, please have a look at my Shop Policies section and let me know if you have any questions!

PLEASE ASK for my permission if you want to use any of my images, or just let me know you’re posting them. Thank you so much for browsing and have a nice day 🙂
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